Amos Koffa,
Poet, LGBTQ Advocate

Transcript: All Black Lives

To be honest, I don't know how to write this poem

I don't know an artistic way to express the distress of knowing that

too many black women have been murdered this year

spent their entire lives in fear

and their deaths will not produce a tear from those who cheer

Black Lives Matter.

But what is that?

An organization that campaigns against violence towards Blacks but

some followers seem to have forgotten that because

Black lives can't matter unless

all Black lives matter.

And all black lives include trans but I still have yet to see any trending topics about that,

any hashtags about that, 

any media coverage about that, 

any black celebrities that give a crap.

An organization started by Black Queer women but how many people actually knew that fact.

You can not claim to be pro-Black then not recognize any Black people who are Queer.

We are not cons.

It is so sad to see that we are our community's deepest fear

We are pushed below murderers,

keep rapists in the home 

but would kick out a child because of their choice of clothes, then scream

Black Lives Matter

Black lives matter, but I am homeless

due to people of my own complexion not seeing me as equal.

I am the sequel.

Part two.

To be continued because

Black and Queer are not the same things

even though we are all in the same race.


put a bullet to Muhlaysia Booker's face

one month after the infamous day you filmed her being attacked in a public space.

But this type of woman will never go viral.

Why are we moving in a downward spiral?

At the age 21, Claire Legato's life had just begun

to be ended

by the shot of a gun.

Why are we suffering at the hands of our own people

 who view this life as a choice

as if to say there is something fun about having a life expectancy a little over the age of 31


If I die young

I know you won't come to my funeral

You will have a moment of silence

and stay silent on the issues impacting my community.

So while I'm alive as Black Transgender

I must speak

I must scream

I must ask


does my Black life not matter to you?


does the makeup I paint on my face put a target for you to want to shoot?


when amongst my people I seem to be some sort of version of Katniss Everdeen, the tribute, the sacrifice?

I did not volunteer to be in a war called everyday life,

I am suffering. 

Because it seems like the death of a Black life has become a new form of entertainment

Why am I hungry for the attention of my own people

who claim to hate Donald Trump's tactic

So why have you adopted them by building a wall to block my identity?

When will Black lives really matter to you?

I guess we'll find out in part two.

The Black lives that don't matter to Black people. 

Amos on Finding Your Space

Transcript: Finding Your Space

I went to high school, and I was a part of a performing arts program. Through that, I was able to figure out my best way of expressing myself and communicating my ideas and that was through poetry.


I went to high school in an environment where I wasn't really accepted, so poetry allowed me to be in spaces where I could be myself.


And in those spaces there would be.. it was just very inclusive and very diverse. And I would learn so much from different people!