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Becoming Who The World Needs

As a college student, your life is a hive of activity, both in what you do and who you are becoming. The years that you attend college can be transformational, as many campuses (whether they're online, behind ivy gates, or in the heart of your city) provide you with a window into the issues that face the world. 

Specifically, in times of global crisis (whether it's a pandemic, a reckoning with oppression, or the downfall of industries) your growth and evolution are a political statement; you are becoming what the world needs.

 From the earliest beginnings of the Civil Rights era through to today's Black Lives Matter protests, colleges and universities have represented a nexus of opportunity, passion, and identity development.

While the experiences of student activists are vibrant on campuses, what happens after?

Image by Library of Congress

"A change is brought about because ordinary people do extraordinary things."

Barack Obama

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